Everything you need for dial day.

Phone scripts are organized by lead type.

Dial Day Documents

Final Expense Phone Scripts

Mortgage Protection Phone Scripts

Dial Tracker
Keep yourself accountable by tracking your dials. Don’t stop til you’re booked up!

Facebook lead Script

Keep it simple with Zac T’s Facebook lead script. Use with Facebook Final Expense leads.

Basic Mortgage Protection Phone Script

Use this script for calling mortgage protection leads.

Objection Handling

How to overcome common objections.

Final Expense Mailer

Use this script when calling final expense mailers.

Mortgage Protection Mailer

Use this script when calling mortgage protection mailers.

Basic Script

Use this basic script to make it your own.

Internet Leads/Everquote

Use this script when calling internet leads.

Aged Mortgage Protection Leads

Use this script for aged mortgage protection leads.

Text Script

When all else fails, text. Mortgage Protection and Final Expense text scripts.

Dial Day Training

E&O Insurance
Phone Scripts: 80% Of This Biz Is The Phone
Paul Mcclain
Live Dials by Paul McClain.
Tray Honeycutt
Live Dials by Tray Honeycutt.
Matt Smith goes over phone objections.

Jordan Lowery
Phone tips.
Grady Polcyn
Cementing the Appointment

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