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Licensing Information

Licensing Steps for Life Insurance 

Step 2: Register for the course

Priority Life will cover the cost of your pre-licensing education! Please select the Life Only course, and use this code: fflprioritylife-zh3V

Step 3: Schedule your exam

There are 3 different testing providers. Your state will use only one of them. The best way to schedule your exam is through the link inside your Xcel course. If you need any assistance, please schedule a help session in the navigation menu.

Step 4: Apply for your license

Everyone uses to apply for all your insurance licensing needs. You will start with a Resident license for life insurance producers. If you get confused, about this, schedule a help session in the navigation menu.

Step 5: Fingerprinting

All states will require fingerprinting through their approved vendor for an FBI background check. You can find out where to go by going to your state’s department of insurance website. Just Google: your state + DOI, and the page should come up. Again, if you need help, you can schedule a help session in the navigation menu.

Step 6: Check your status

You can click on this button to check the status of your licensing. Once you are issued an NPN, you can begin requesting your carriers.

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